From running your first mile to training for your first marathon. We've got a plan for you.

Our Training Methodology

Our uniquely adaptable training plans are designed to support runners of all levels. We take a community-based approach to training. Peer mentors and certified coaches who’ve been in the shoes of our members are always on hand to offer guidance and support. Additionally, we focus on the mental and emotional challenges that many runners face. We provide motivational email support, webinars on specialized topics, and access to the tribe for encouragement and friendship from like-minded people. Our goal is to empower members of all shapes, sizes, and ages to find their inner athlete, become mentally and physically strong and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Run Your 1st Mile

Our flagship Run Your First Mile training program gets people running a mile nonstop. The easy-to-follow STEP-base program requires 3 days of running. Our training includes a private support group, weekly office hours with Head Coach Rik Akey, and a group of mentors who know what it’s like to make a big change that starts with one step. Best of all…


Finished the 1 Mile program? In just 8 weeks, you can run your first 5K. With 3 running workouts per week, each adding longer distances, you will build confidence and endurance. FFTFL’s unique program includes a support group, access to our Run Mentors, and weekly office hours with Head Coach Rik Akey. Tell us your 5K race day and we will cheer you on!


If you’re able to run for 2.5 miles and want to conquer 6.2 like a champion, join our Run Your First 10K Program. We will guide you every week with a plan to prepare you to cross the finish line. Our 8 week program includes 3 run days, 2 cross-training days, and 2 days of rest. Follow the suggested workouts and recovery in our exclusive, 10K support group.


This 12-week program builds for 11 weeks then tapers for a week leading into race day. Our Run Your First Half Marathon Training Program includes 4 run days per week, 2 rest days and 1 day for cross training to aid in your recovery. Our support group is there to celebrate your successes and our Run Mentors are ready to address your questions.


Looking for a unique challenge, after completing a half marathon? Our 18-week Marathon plan includes 4 running days, 2 cross-training days, and 1 rest day per week. Unlike other programs, our coaching team and experienced mentors are here to guide you on your journey.  More importantly, you will not be alone as other Tribe Members will be training along with you in our exclusive group.

When I started running I had no clue what I was doing and did everything wrong. I would have never believed I could run a half marathon. I started training to run with the FFTFL group using the plan Rik's plan. With every additional mile I believed a little bit more in myself. I proved I am capable of so much more than I thought and the group supported and encouraged me to that finish line and beyond.

Nora Breuker


My FFTFL tribe gave me the courage to sign up for my first marathon. Having a coach in Rik who was willing to put together a plan designed specifically for me was amazing. The additional support and communication with him was invaluable. Without him, I doubt I would have had any confidence to start, let alone finish a marathon.



Sarah Ward


After three filed Couch to 5K attempts and six months in a running group, I was finally able to run a mile without stopping after 9 weeks in the FFTFL 1st Mile Program. I've since gone on to run multiple long distance races including a half marathon and even better, I'm now a mentor to new runners.



Mary LaCroix


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