"I absolutely love this group. Most everything I say I need, is usually a want. But I do need you. This tribe. You've made a difference in my life." - Erin Gaddie, member

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Lorrie "Hellcat" Bamford

Facing a terrifying future of disease and deteriorating health Lorrie "Hellcat" Bamford made a decision to take control of her life. Her breaking point came when she weighed more than 300 pounds. Her doctor told her that without big lifestyle changes, Lorrie wouldn't be around to see her kids grow up. She made a decision to become a runner. Lorrie began running but questioned whether or not she could or should be running. She eventually found the From Fat to Finish Line tribe which encouraged her to keep going. Lorrie lost 130 pounds and got off nine different medications. She went on to run several races, including a few half-marathons and 26.2 miles at The Oklahoma Memorial Marathon.

From Fat to Finish Line embraces an active lifestyle. Whether you walk, run, bike, or engage in any other types of fitness, our tribe is here to motivate you, support you, and celebrate your journey. Over 20,000 members strong, we chat online daily and meet all over the world to run together. We offer accountability, specialized training plans, fun-filled events, member discounts, and gear designed to get you to your finish line goals and beyond.

If I had known two years ago I was going to find this group, travel the country to run with you, share my best and worst moments with you, run several half marathons, run a Ragnar, hit a 100 pound weight loss and finally see 'one-derland' on the scale, I wouldn't have believed it. From Fat to Finish Line is the best and we are lucky to have each other.

Mia Cogliantry


As someone who doesn't have family or friends that 'get it' this group has provided the friendship and support I need to keep going. I feel empowered to proudly share my journey without fear of judgement.





Martha Kaiser


Right from the beginning I never felt alone and was encouraged and cheered on. This has made all the difference! For now I KNOW I can do anything and if I run into a problem or setback there are so many ways around it to get to the same goal. This is an awesome tribe and one that has changed my life.


Bonnie Vader


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