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or crossing the finish line of your tenth marathon, we are here for you.

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12 Runners. 1200 Pounds Lost.
200-mile Race. Ultimate Victory Lap.

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Running isn't only about losing weight. It's about setting goals, it's about doing things you never thought you could do, it's about shutting up that voice inside your head or that (voice) that came from someone in your past that says you aren't capable.

It's about CHOOSING a lifestyle that takes you off pills and breathing machines and shots and off the healthcare system.

It's about finding friends who are also making these choices... there are so many more finish lines than the obvious structural physical one in front of you.

-Beth Cassidy

FFTFL Member

I love that I can give encouragement to my fellow running friends, and collect on that as well. When I feel down, I come to the FFTFL community. The amazing people here always help me do my best even when I am feeling low.

-Denise Louise

FFTFL Member

As someone who doesn’t have family or friends that ‘get it’, this group has provided the friendship and support I need to keep going . I feel empowered to proudly share my journey without fear of judgement.

-Martha Kurz Kaiser

FFTFL Member

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